In Loving Memory...

A Dear Friend
...wherever you are, my heart is with you always. I promise you, I will never give up fighting for myself and for everyone else caught in this trap.
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You were a truly unique person and now the world has lost you. I will speak your name every day in rememberence and cherish the love we once shared. You will not be forgotten. I love you.

to a darling special little angel of a girl -- she passed away on November 27th -- this little girl had an Eating Disorder... she would have turned 14 in February... so young, so precious, such a wonderful little soul.

My Sister
...She was very influential in my life. I cared about her a lot and on October 28, 1997 she was in a car wreck and had a heart attack on impact due to several years of bulimia. The thing that kills me the most is I feel responsible for her death. You see we danced together for 9 years and I taught her everything I knew about staying thin for those crucial weigh-ins that could make or break your career as a ballerina. At the age of 14, may she rest in peace.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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