In Loving Memory...

Kimberly Jean Pollard
Kim died at 34 of a bleeding brain caused by the toxic combination of alcoholism, bulimia, and self-loathing.

You can read the incredibly moving story of her life, written and shared with us all by her mother.

Catherine Marie Rudolph
She died from anorexia nervosa in July, 1991. She was a loving and caring person. She suffered with the disorder for 11 years and eventually took the elastic out of her underwear and hung herself in the hospital. Please keep educating families, geneticists, and physicians. Cathy, your death was not in vain.

Princess Diana
1961 - 1997
Though she did not pass away from Bulimia, she had suffered from this Eating Disorder while trying to cope with marital problems and the instant noteriety of becoming a princess. She was active throughout the world, in speaking out about the improvement of society, including her efforts a few years ago in speaking out about her Eating Disorder. As well as being extrememly active and affectionate towards her own two children, she was involved with ill children, those less fortunate than herself, people suffering with Leprosy, and most recently, the tragedy and reality of land-minds. There were many things she stood up and spoke out about.

Her warm heart and sharing nature will be remembered forever.

C L O S E   T H I S   W I N D O W

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