In Loving Memory...

7/2/79 to 10/31/96 died of Anorexia and Bulimia while in a treatment program.

Jill Cheever
Jill Cheever Died from Bulimia in 1994.
This candle's flame flickers in the darkness for a young ballet dancer who lost her life in search of the perfect ballerina body. Jill Cheever died in 1994 of complications from bulimia and anorexia. A graceful dancer, a beautiful young woman with a bright future and brilliant laughter... Jill's life was snuffed out way too early. Now, in her absence, I can only hope that her senseless death will be a warning to other dancers to learn to love themselves before sacraficing their lives to this horrible, preventable, and curable disease. Jill may you dance among the clouds, free of pain... and may this candle shine light upon the myth of perfect bodies and the unrealistic pressures of ballet.

Jessica Lynn Tixier
May 15, 1979 to January 2, 1997 Heart Failure due to Anorexia.

Kathleen Murray
Died Fall of 1996 She was from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Love, from a dear friend, Donna Alden

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