In Loving Memory...

Kristen Watt
1984 - 1999

  • I met Kristen in a treatment center, a med/psych ward. She was the light that dawned in a pitch of darkness in those halls. She was so kind. I remember that she always would come in and do friendship bracelets with me when I was stuck on my bed. I had hidden some of the liquid nutrition that we (the ed patients) were given, Kris had told the nurse. She was discharged shortly after that. When she walked out of those doors, back into reality, I was mad. I was mad at her for telling. She came back to visit some girls on the floor, we exchanged an unfriendly hello, then she went. She went to Bible camp for a while, with the blessing of the doctors. The day after she came back, Kris died in her sleep. Kris, I hope that you had good dreams that night, I hope that you dreamed, and you know that I love you, and am very sorry that we couldn't have parted ways on better terms. But Kris, I love you hun, everyday that passes, your in my thoughts! I miss your smiling face and those eyes! I love you! -- a friend

  • We went to school together but did not know each other well. She was in one of my classes in middle school. Her smile always made you smile. Her life was full of friends and people who loved her and it was such sadness to see that life end. Your name will forever be in my heart, to show me how precious life is. But I know that God has you in his hands now. -- a friend

  • I miss you so much! I can't explain the impact yu put on me. You made mine and so many people's days. We would wake up just looking forward to that smile of yours. I miss you. And now that you are up with tha angles (just like yourself) you can't get hurt. I love you!! -- a friend

  • Kristen I will never forget you and the way that you smilied. You have been so nice to me. When I first began Junior high I knew about 4 people and nobody else. That did not stop you from getting to know me. You helped me make new friends. You would hang out with me all the time when I would have nothing to do. When I would be down you would pick me right back up and make me laugh. With you gone it has left a hole in my life that I can never be replaced. I will never forget you. We will always be friends forever. -- a friend

  • Kris, we miss you soo soo much and you are dearly loved! Kris died of complications with anorexia and bulimia. Her heart failed in July of 1999. -- a friend

  • I remember us so well. It was always the ten of us. We all vowed to be best friends for the rest of our lives. We all had a connection when we were together. When she died, it was like we were all missing a part of ourselves. I remember getting the call. I collapsed on my knees and felt as though I couldn't breathe. We went over to one of our friend's houses and we locked ourselves in a room and cried for hours. We went through pictures, letters, and told storys.People from our school called and told us that the joke wasn't funny, that to stop playing around. It was hard to tell them the truth and hear their reactions.The day of the veiwing came, it was on a thursday. I remember walking in with one of my closest friends. I signed in and walked slowly down the aisle. I looked up and saw familiar faces with tears rolling down their cheeks.They looked at me, and I saw her lying in her coffin. Inside was all of the things that made her special. She had a slurpee cup, her glasses, and pictures of us all together. I remember my reaction when i saw her pale face. My body felt like it had just been drained of all of it's life at that moment. I remember seeing her pale face. She looked nothing like the Kristen who I knew. The next day was the funeral. I was amazed by the amount of people who showed up. The nine of us had bought flowered lays to represent Kristen and our special bond that she had with us. I remember biting my tongue so that I wouldn't cry because I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to stop. But, finally, I saw a picture of us all on the slide show and we all started crying. I got home and lyed in bed all day. I wrote poems, called friends for support, and tried my best to cope. The nine of us are stronger than ever. We are there for each other if we have hard times, and we will always be together. The pain never goes away, but, I know that she won't either. She will always be alive in our minds and in our hearts. We all miss you and love you, Kristen.
    -- Your pal, Lia

  • Kristen, I know from the heavens high above you can read this. I remember when I heard that you had passed away, I was shocked and speechless. All I could think was, Why? Why did such a beautiful, YOUNG girl have to leave this world. Why couldn't she have stayed here, with us, where we could see her amazing smile everyday. Kristen, remember that so many people loved you and cared for you and still do. Every time I think of you, I break down into tears but the only thing that helps me cope is that you are happy and have even more people that love you. But most important of all, you are not suffering anymore. XOXO

  • Dearest Kristen,
    I'm not sure where to begin, there are so many things that I want to say but it seems the words have left me. I guess I will start with this, I miss you so much it gets unbareable at times. The warmth of your smile has touched many hearts. I cannot think of one time when I didn't smile when you did, your smile was like heaven. When you smiled, it was like the clouds opened up and the sunshine came bursting through. I miss you so much it's inexplicable. Sometimes at night when sleep fails to come, I lie awake in the darkness and think about you and all of the good times we had together. I have a special place in my heart only for you, my very own place that aches sometimes but is also happy to have met such a wonderful and beautiful person like you. The last time I ever saw you was the last day of school in 8th grade, sometime after that, your smile began to fade, people didn't see the same Kristen they had known all along. You did not feel comfortable with the way God made you, you were beautiful but you couldn't see that. That day came like any other day except for one thing, an angel was called back to heaven. You died peacefully in your sleep on July 5th, 1999. Sometimes I feel as if I could die right along with you just to end all of this pain. If I could, I would trade places with you in a second. It seems as if you belong here more than me at times. Your smile has changed my life so drastically. You had a certain charisma that no one could take away. You are beautiful, you are smart, you are amazing. When you were alive, you gave me hope and that was something I never thought I could ever have again. Thank you, Kristen, for being there when no one else was, for loving me that much. Thank you, for being you.
    - A close friend

  • The two years Kristen was here with me were the best two years of my life. We shared good times, bad times, and hard time, but we always managed to get through together. We spent hours on the phone, not always having a reason to talk to each other. It was the fact that someone was on the other line listening. Something speacial happened last night that hadn't happened in a year. I looked back at our friendship and laughed at an old memory. Not a tear ran down my face, instead I was smiling and couldn't stop laughing. I would not be the person I am today withou you kris. You have helped shaped me into the person I am today. I am no longer quite as quiet as before. Striving, for your out-going personality helped me come out of my shell. You use to always ask me what i was going to do without you. The truth is you will always be with me. Thank you kris, for everything. You were the best, best friend. I will miss and love you forever. Love, your best goober.

  • You are truly missed, but through your death you still live through each of us, your girls... you help us daily, and we ourselves have overcome because of you... we love you and thank you

  • You never knew what an impact you had in my life and you will be in my heart forever. Although you only lved a short time you meant so much to me.

  • I can honestly say that I never met you but you were close to someones heart that I love very much. Even though we never knew eachother I feel connected because I am also struggling with bulimia and hurting the same person who was hurt when you were taken away. You are my ispiration, Kristen.

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