In Loving Memory...

Jessica Moran

Died August, 2002
You were only twenty-one. We will miss you so much and carry you in our hearts until the day that we join you.

Messages from others...

  • Jessica lost her battle with anorexia but still made an impact into the lives of everyone who had the privilage to meet her. She will be missed and never forgotten.

  • In fighting this battle side by side, day after day in treatment with Jess I was able to witness her quiet determination in the face of the disorder that tortured her. Jessica's persistence, spunkiness and laughter live on in my heart. We miss you Jess and hope finally you are at peace.

  • Though Jess lost her battle, I know she fought it so hard and will inspire me forever. I was in Renfrew with Jess and she showed her quiet strength day after day. I still remember how comfortable she made me feel my first night inpatient. I'll never forget you Jess. I know for sure she's watching over her twin Christa now and will never let this happen to her.

  • I guess God needed another angel. ~ I didn't know you personally, but I feel like I did. I was in Renfrew right after you were discharged, and so many of my friends spoke so highly of you. Although I didn't know you, I knew your fight, and I promise never to give up. Your life has touched more people than you would ever believe - you have given me the determination to beat this. We will always remember you, and you will always be in our hearts.

  • I didn't know you for very long, or even that closely, but our time spent in Renfrew makes me feel like we were part of a family. I'm so sorry you could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is so bright and beautiful on the other side of the ED - I hope you are in peace. You will always live on in our memory...

  • I didn't even get the chance to say goodbye. We were in Renfrew together and I remember thinking how strong and how proud of her fight I was. she had something in her I didn't feel I had and I can't believe that she's gone. I remember sitting in the the dining hall with her twin sister, Christa, and I remember thinking that these two girls deserved the best in life. I'm so sorry your life was cut short Jess. you were an inspiration and a light in times of darkness for all of us who knew you. This pain will never disappear and we will always remember you.

  • We knew each other for such a short time in the hospital. I think about you every day... I wonder how your twin is doing, I never thought it would happen to someone i know. I miss you Jessica!

  • Kind, careing, wise beyond her years, and inspiring to all who knew her, Jessica was a truly unique and speacil person. I am proud to have known her. I arrived at Renfrew terrified and lost and was placed in the bed next to her's. As bed rest roomates, we spent hours together. Jessica showed me the way back to finding myself again. I am forever grateful and will always keep her in my heart. I miss you Jess, I only wish that you could have taken the advice you gave to those around you.

  • This terrible disease took a beautiful life. You were there throughout my stay at Renfrew, and touched so many people. May your soul finally find peace with God.

  • My first inpatient roomate and friend - I will never stop thinking about Jessica. The first time inpatient is scarey and she helped me through. She was young but mature and intelligent - she had a sense of humor behind the wall of depression. We were a lot alike - I couldn't have asked for a more sensative, gentle, and accepting friend and roomate to "suffer" through my first inpatient stay with. She will always be in my heart.

  • Jessica, such an articulate, intelligent, truly genuine soul. Our Time together at Renfrew was short lived. Although I still remember the times we sat talking in the "fish bowl" I'm so sorry this horrible disorder has robbed such a beautiful person of life. Thinking of you much...

  • Jessica... This has been a long time in coming. You were the big sister I never had. My gosh this still does not feel real. I will ALWAYS remember you. To this day I know that God must have brought us together.. each time I was at Renfrew you were there too. It was like we were each other's Renfrew angels. I will never forget our talks, listening to music and making up "The Life at Renfrew" song and dance. You got me through some tough times. I wish I could have done that same for you. I miss you soooo much. Why did this horrible disease take you... such a creative, smart, generous, insightful, beautiful person? I hope you are in heaven and that one day we can meet again. Most of all I hope you are finally at peace. You were a great friend, roommate, and sister and no words can express how much you mean to me. I will always love you and you will always be in my heart. Love Laura

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