In Loving Memory...

Deborah Simone Fradin

G-d giveth and taketh away. We have no control of why or when. He gave us a warm sensitive, caring and beautiful child. A treasure that will always and forever be cherished.

Debbie died from Anorexia Nervosa after battling this disease with every fiber in her being for 18 years. Slowly and painfully she went to about 50 pounds and was 5'6". So weak, moving was a struggle, yet daily she set her dietary goals for herself in order to not give up. The disease ravaged her body, but not her gentle soul. She was the one others found comfort in talking to. She was always ready to lend a helping hand, a compassionate ear, and a warm and tender hug. Even at the end, under hospice care, she found pleasure in bringing joy to others and did so through her words filled with love, items and cards she made for them on her computer, and gifts she thoughtfully chose.

Debbie when she received her Masters -- age 24
Debbie at Age 24 when
She Received Her Masters

Debbie in October of 1997
Debbie in October of 1997

Debbie very much wanted others to know about anorexia and the horrible and dangerous grasp it can take. She hoped they would learn from her pain. She was an intellect and a realist. She took care of all her funeral arrangements including asking us to place her name here with the hope that her death in some way will have an impact on those suffering with anorexia so they too would not be seduced by thinness before it's too late. This disease has a life of its own and sometimes there is no turning back.

April 21, 1998 was her last day on earth, but not a day goes by that we do not think of her when the sun rises, when the sun sets, when birds fly by and when feathers fall to our feet. We will forever miss, remember and learn from the love she openly offered and received. Although her life has become a memory, she will remain in our hearts until the day we are again reunited.

Shared by Debbie's parents, Cindy and Michael

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  • I know that Deborah Fradin has already been mentioned here, but I wanted to add my tribute. I knew Debbie from one of her many hospitalizations and the first of mine. We were inpatient together in 1994. Debbie always held a very special place in my heart and was a person full of compassion. Hearing of her death was incredibly devastating to me, even though I knew her only a short time. Her interest in "protecting" me from the relentless anorexia she knew was endearing and kindhearted. . . she tried to stop me from repeating her "steps." I am crushed by the pain she endured in her life. My deepest condolences to her family. She will surely be missed.

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