In Loving Memory...

Becca Heitling
4.4.1980 - 5.12.2001

  • My lovely daughter, I miss you so much. You are still touching lives as you did while on this earth. I am still fighting for you and all of the others, I won't quit. You are in heaven now and you are at peace, I will meet you there when God allows it. Until then, your Dad, Brother, Granny & Poppy, all of your aunts and uncle and cousins will miss you and continue to celebrate your life and how special you are to us all. You left such an impact for one so young.

    Becca slipped away in her sleep in the early morning hours. She received treatment at Montreux Clinic for several years, but that as well as other treatments could not save her from this monster.

  • my beautiful niece -- From the moment you were born, we knew you were truly special. Your bright eyes, loving nature and your beautiful soul. I miss you more than than words can say - It comforts me to know that you are our guardian angel and you are watching over the whole family. We all love you and miss you so much. I close my eyes and see you running happy and healthy into Gods arms free from pain and fear. Love and kisses, Aunt Vick

  • Becca and I were roommates for 6 months while in a treatment facility together. I met her when she was 16 and I was 22. She was beautiful, so intelligent, kind full of personality and had that, innocence that I thought would last a LIFETIME. She died on may 12th after years of pain at the hands of ANOREXIA and BULEMIA. I miss you Becca, may you be the guardian angel that I feel has surrounded me.

  • Becca was dearly loved and will be missed beyond measure. May she rest in peace after a long, hard battle.

  • A lit candle that will never burn out. She will forever shine in my heart. You are precious to me and I miss you greatly. I can't wait until I can see you again. Love, Brenda

  • Your high spirits and determination always took me through the doubt and disarray that surrounded my feelings about your struggle with this complicated disorder. You brought me to understand that you were still in that shell because the cracks in it were plain to see. For all this, and for just being yourself no matter what, still leaves a smile on my face when I think about you. I will see you again, and when I do, I hope that you and I, as well as all our family and friends, can have a wonderful life together, forever! I love you sis!

  • had the honor of knowing Becca for a short time. It killed me to see her suffer with the condition- and I often wished I could've somehow taken the pain away from her. I too suffered from an eating disorder at one point-so I understood exactly what she was going through- the fear is overwhelming. I miss her greatly- and she will always have a special place in my heart. I am grateful to know that she can finally relax and be at peace with her Heavenly Father. Maybe her mission now is to assist those who struggle with an eating disorder, but from the other side- she is an Angel. Love ya Pooh.. Geekie

  • I'm sorry I could not find that magic lantern on the beach.

  • You were a precious angel on earth and now you are in heaven.

  • The light from your candle will remain in the hearts of all you touched. You are very precious, and you are loved. Missing you, Brenda

  • I knew and loved Becca. She was one of those people who just touched you, it's really indescribable. I charish all my times with Becca and thank her for teaching me. She was such an angel and I miss her dearly. I love ya Becca, you are forever with me. -- Rosie

  • My precious daughter, it has been a year since you went to Heaven. I know I should not want you to come back, but I do. I miss you so much, I miss your wonderful smile, your sweet voice and your funny little sense of humor. I miss what never was for you... a husband, children and a future filled with love. You would have been a wonderful nurse, I regret so much that you never got to fulfull your dreams. I treasure the memories, but the pain is still so great. ~ I love you, Mom

  • I keep thinking I should be rejoicing for you that you are no longer suffering and that you are in Heaven. Why is it that my pain and grief overwhelm me to the point that I cannot be so unselfish? I miss you more everyday and that is never going to change. We all miss you so much. Hayden is growing up so fast, you would be proud of your youngest cousin. He loves you so much and he cherishes his memories of you. We all do. Memories cannot fill your place in my broken heart. ~ Love Mom

  • My beautiful Becca, I miss you so much still. Time has not dulled the pain of losing you. It is Christmas and I cannot stand it without you. I cannot believe you are gone. We are all thinking of you and we have lit your angel tree. I love you, Mom

  • My precious child, another Christmas had come and gone without your physical presence. You showed yourself in so many ways this year. We all felt you here with us. Your rose bloomed.... Daddy brought it in and placed it among the decorations. I miss you so much, we all do. I would give anything to spend one more moment talking to you or to hug you. I will never stop wanting to hear your voice or to see your sparkling blue eyes or your beautiful smile. My heart aches. I love you ~ Mom

  • Bec's, I miss you and your radiant smile. You not only touched the lives of so many while you were with us but you continue to do so. I had the blessing of holding your hand and walking through a portion of your journey and struggle & I will never forget you. You continue to motivate me to fight for the beautiful lives of others struggling with eating disorders and addictions. I have your picture up in my office with the words I have added... "A Reminder of True Strength, Beauty and Resilence." I love you and miss you always. ~ Candice H.

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